As of April 7 the Mindfulness course is full with a waitlist. To have your name put on the waitlist or to pre-register for our next introduction to Mindfulness 4 week course (tentatively scheduled to start on Sunday, July 13), please email us at: info@BuffaloDharma.org.

Buffalo Mindfulness Community is a non-profit group based in the Buffalo, NY area. We offer non-sectarian meditation practices based on the early teachings of the historical Buddha in a warm and friendly atmosphere embracing a "big boat" approach to spiritual training. While the group emphasizes the Buddha’s instructions on Mindfulness or Sati (also called Vipassana or Insight Meditation), practitioners trained in other traditions and people new to meditation have found our non-sectarian approach welcoming. Prior meditation experience is not required and people of all religious and secular backgrounds are welcome. You can find out more about the group’s vision and mission on the About page of this website, http://buffalodharma.org/about.

In the spirit of One Dharma, the Events tab and the Upcoming Events postings on the right side of this and nearly every page on the site list by date other meditation groups and special Dharma related events in the Buffalo area. However, besides the Buffalo Mindfulness Community group that meets at Unity, all other groups and the events they sponsor reflect the vision and mission of that specific group and may differ from Buffalo Mindfulness Community. For details about a group other than the Buffalo Mindfulness Community group at Unity, please attend that group and direct any questions to the facilitator.

Buffalo Mindfulness Community freely offers an electronic Mindfulness Toolkit and periodically sponsors introductory classes on mindfulness, lectures and one day retreats. Our next 4 week Introduction to Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness class will begin on Sunday, April 27. The class will consist of short lectures, guided meditations, handouts, and question and answer periods. Registration and or questions about the four week class can be sent to: info@buffalodharma.org. Our next Friday Evening Dharma talk and One Day Retreat will be with Randy Baker and Jim Bedard of Satipañña Insight Meditation on May 23 and 24 at Unity Buffalo. If anyone is new to mindfulness and would like some help starting a home based mindfulness practice you can email info@buffalodharma.org and a simple Mindfulness Toolkit will be shared electronically.

The Buffalo Mindfulness Community has no organized religious affiliation but is rooted in the non-sectarian and universal teachings of the historical Buddha. Visit the following link to explore the question about whether Buddhism is a religion: http://www.buddhanet.net/nutshell03.htm