Mindfulness and Ethics

"Modern society is becoming void of ethics in a culture where our Public and Private Colleges and Universities teach that Greed is Good. Mindfulness teachings NEED to be based in the Ethics of Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood. These ethical guidelines will be explored, along with their application in family and community life. Buffalo Mindfulness will investigate the relationship of meditation to peace/social justice work and environmental concerns. In all matters of instruction, administration and social conduct, we hold respect for each member of the community as a person sharing the path of practice. We are committed to the ongoing process of developing democratic and cooperative forms for decision-making with which to guide and conduct the organizational affairs of our community. Personal responsibility and participation as well as systems of peer review and support will contribute to a nurturing community environment. Developing a conscious and mindful approach to our community relationships is fundamental to our practice and provides a clear framework for Dharma Life."

Quoted from Buffalo Mindfulness Vision and Mission Statements as written by Buffalo Mindfulness Center, Paul Lukasik who developed the Generosity (Dana) Model of embedding a Mindfulness Center within an existing organization as is the case with Buffalo Mindfulness who has embedded itself within the Progressive Organizations of the North Church headed up by Rev. Bill Hennessey and Unity Buffalo headed up by Rev. Mary Masters.

Folks like these are the type of Mindful Leaders we need back in America now - Leaders Rooted in the Ethics and Wisdom of the World's Great Spiritual Traditions and not only Secular Science that has given birth to communism, nuclear weapons and countless other evils. Have Faith in Goodness if you are secular and God if your Spiritual, the Time is Now.

Time to go back to a Seeded Universe NOT the HEARTLESS Seedless Secular Universe where all the men end up becoming women!