Dharma and Purpose

Mindfullness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a simple technique of slowing down the brain waves and relaxing the body. Mindfullness original This will allow you to release negative energy and let go of the things that bother you most. Many times we are not aware of how our thoughts affect us. Thoughts can sometimes push us past our capabilities. Sometimes we can become so focused on negative thoughts that it becomes us. These thoughts can bring about poor health, lose sleep, lack excitement, and can drive us to failure. When you become self-conscious about these things, they begin to drag you down. They may also bring about weight gain or poor performance at work. Being aware of your thoughts can help you change them. There is a difference between the thoughts that we think and those that we experience. We often confuse thought with reality. Our perceptions are not always accurate.

Mindfulness for Life and Living

For instance, you can be in an amazing relationship but if you think you're unhappy, it will affect you negatively. However, if you feel that you are happy, it will affect you positively. Thoughts are like seeds. They can be sown into the ground and then harvested when the spring comes. When you plant the seeds of happiness, they will flourish. They are still in you even though they have been sown and have now been harvested. Meditation allows you to be present with your thoughts. Mindfullness artwork You do not need to dwell on what is said or what is done. Your thoughts become quiet. This is very helpful for you if you are easily distracted. Mindfulness allows you to be in touch with yourself. Practicing this on a daily basis will allow you to notice when your thoughts are pushing you beyond your capabilities. It will allow you to quickly change your focus from these negative thoughts to more positive ones. You don't always have to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Just making a conscious effort to notice your thoughts when they arise will help you. Over time, you will be able to notice your thoughts as a sign of your health and well being. Sometimes our thoughts can push us beyond our abilities. At those times, we need to return to our source - God. Meditation again returns us to God and allows you to receive guidance and strength from Him. Through Him, we are given the tools and resources to continue on our journey. If we don't use them, we might lose our way. So, it all balances out. Mindfulness gives us security by serving as a channel for God to provide us with direction and peace. Meditation allows for quiet time to reflect. It allows us to connect with ourselves by returning to God and receiving guidance.

Both of these activities allow for growth in our relationship with each other and with life in general. When we spend some time alone, we can recharge and rejuvenate our spirit. Sometimes we need a change of pace from the stress of everyday life. When we find ourselves drained and worn down, we can benefit from putting some quiet time aside to recharge and rejuvenate.

Improved Decision Making

One of the benefits of mindfulness meditation is improving your ability to make decisions. If you're constantly making decisions without thinking about them, you will procrastinate until such time that you're completely fatigued. If you're in a lot of stress, you probably procrastinate even more. Once you know what not to do, you can simply choose to do it no more. In addition to having a better perspective on life, we also feel mentally and physically healthier. We often feel more alive and alert when we are able to focus. Our emotions are more balanced and responses are far more predictable. Our immune system is stronger and we sleep better. Mindfulness meditation is very easy to do and it doesn't take a lot of time at all. All it requires is some quiet time where you can just sit and focus on your breath. Try it out for a few days and see how you feel. You may be surprised at how much better you feel overall.